Before you attended Imperial Magischola, you graduated from Primaschola. These are academies for young mages, roughly equivalent to magical junior and senior high schools. The average student attends for seven years starting at age 10 or 11, but students may be admitted at any time, once their magic manifests. There are five Primascholae in magical North America, one for each Province. Virginia Isle doesn’t have a Primaschola, either sending students to other schools or tutoring them.

  • Providence Preparatory Academy for the Advancement of the Arcane Arts (P2A4 for short) is located in Destiny Province. (Specifically New Hampshire!) They are strict and prestigious, with most students being Unsoiled. Students are hung, by dealing with the Bartering Birch Tree guarding entry to the school. When they are 13, they endure a trial by fire. In their final year, they take part in a ritual involving mermaids and prophecy. Most graduates go to Imperial Magischola of Massachusetts Bay.


  • Magnolia Sun School of Sorcery is located in Solaris Province. Students undergo a near-death experience at some point. The school is associated with time magic, and changes locations yearly. Prior to graduation, the Ring Dance, an elaborate celebration where a students family escorts them to the presentation of their class ring, is held.


  • Great Plains School of Magical Arts is located in Mishipeshu Province. Students travel there through underground caverns, occasionally encountering the duwende, fae creatures of light. Students are notorious pranksters, which is accepted as youthful indiscretion. Students have mandatory exercises and calisthenics.


  • Flower Mountain Escuela de Mágia is located in Baja Province. They focus on teaching local magical traditions. At the age of 15, students go to Death Valley for a coming of age survival ceremony, the Call of the Condor, where they construct their own magical talisman. Upon completion, they are awarded the Saturn Sash.


  • Lewis & Clark Institute of Magic is located in Thunderbird Province. They have a strong emphasis on natural harmony, and allow all magical creatures to attend. The art of Psychoacoustics, or music magic, was developed there. Attempts to combine magic with technology abound, despite official disapproval.