The Provinces

The Magimundi (Magical North America) is divided as follows:

  • Destiny Province – Northeast US and Eastern Canada. – Home to some of the oldest magical families, to Imperial Magischola and the Jersey Devil, a rare North American Dragon. They honor European traditions, and have a high cost of living. They use illusions to hide from the mundane world. Young mages attend Providence Preparatory Academy for the Advancement of the Arcane Arts, or P2A4.
  • Baja Province – Southwest US, Mexico and Central America. – Focusing on personal freedom and family traditions, most mages in Baja are matrilineal. Chupacabra farms are found here, along with wild Chupacabra. Baja has very loose regulations on magical potions. Young mages attend Flower Mountain Escuela de Magia.
  • Mishipeshu Province – Midwest US and mid-Canada – Sparely populated, magical agriculture is king here. A serious, no-nonsense attitude predominates.  Home to Avernus prison. The Wendigo curse, turning one into a cannibal, occurs here. Young mages attend the Great Plains School of Magical Arts.
  • Solaris Province – Southeast US and Caribbean. – Resistant to change, the legacy of mundane slavery still impacts them today. Protective talismans against the many magical creatures are common. Large communities of vampires are hidden here. Other planes of existence are regularly dealt with, including the Fae. Young mages (and some Faeries) attend Magnolia Sun.
  • Thunderbird Province –  Pacific Northwest US and Western Canada – Progressive and accepting, it values achievements rather than money. Philantropy is common, as is a frugal, creative attitude. They have a rivalry with Mishipeshu. Wizards from around the world take up residence here. Cultus Iktus, the movement to use mundane technology in magic, started here. Young mages attend the Lewis & Clark Institute of Magic.
  • Virginia Isle – A magical island floating near the Atlantic Ocean, they are not subject to the Magimundi’s laws and govern themselves. Wealthy and traditional, you may only visit upon invitation. Elite unsoiled families reside there.  The best of magical items are found there, and visitors are allowed twice a year to go shopping.

Each of the five Magimundi Provinces is ruled by an Arch Justice, making laws by decree. Beneath each Arch Justice are several regional Justices. Beneath them are Magisters, who oversee the series of bureaus that regulate affairs in the Magimundi, from commerce to education to law enforcement. Beneath them are Alcaldes and Fonctionnaires, who deal with direct governing and bureaucratic matters. There are no checks and balances, as Justices rule supreme.